Recent Appearances

Rhiannon has recently appeared in The West Midlands (various locations), Nuneaton, Leicester and various locations in Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, North and West Yorkshire, Cleveland, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Cornwall.

In Europe she has appeared in Spain, Menorca,  Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus.

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 Rhiannon is a star!

Rhiannon helped us to celebrate a birthday and was a huge hit with everybody. She got the music just right and was great fun. Lovely voice and talented musician. Very professional set up and a pleasure to be with. Tremendous value. A massive thank you to her and I would recommend her to anybody looking for an excellent live performer.


A real entertaining experience of a woman who has a brilliant voice and is also a superb guitarist.

Brian Lyon

I was at the White Hart Inn last night (17th) and enjoyed your music so much.  It was without doubt the most enjoyable entertainment that I can remember since I was in my early twenties (and that was a very long time ago).  I came home feeling very happy.  I hope sincerely that you will one day return to our little corner, and wish you very much success in all your future venues.  Very sincerely yours Brian Lyons

  John and Annette Marchant

Dear Rhiannon,  We are getting good feedback about the evening and it’s largely due to you.

Heider Rock

Stopped by to show some love and support and listen to your awesome music.  wishing you success.


Very nice.  Great arrangements and vocals.

Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr

A real pleasure to listen to you, dear lady.

Second Journey


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